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on unions trying to block spending cuts and the fiscal cliff deal while making sure the rich pay more. jeff flock with union back protests at wal-mart stores and diana on the dirty little secret those unions are not changing wal-mart workers. first to rich and some in washington, d.c.. how unions trying to persuade democrats to avoid spending cuts? >> with a significant lobbying effo on capitol hill and a new advertising campaign targeted at democratic and republican lawmakers in pennsylvania, virginia and missouri. the basic message is don't touch entitlements in the fiscal cliff tops we're having on capitol hill. honesty and one of the union says elected officials from both parties need to listen to the will of the voters and focus on rebuilding the middle class and strengthening our economy by investing in jobs, not cuts. as for the effectiveness of this caaign one conservative says this type of pressure from unions is nothing new. >> the fact that they are publicly saying what they have been privately saying helps the american people understand where obama's in trend and comes from but
as if a fiscal cliff deal is as good as done. but are we setting ourselves up for a fall here? >> zero chance of a deal? you're scaring the kids. cnbc contributor zach caramel is more optimistic. while mike santoli says a deal is already priced into the market. mr. party pooper, why do you think we get no deal at all? >> the same composition of congress existed before the election is what we have after the election. nothing happened before then. i'm just repeating what lawmakers said. chris van howen, representative out of maryland, said if nothing is done before they go on summer recess, you have to suspect nothing can get done by the end of the year. everybody is concentrating on this december 31st deadline. actually december 14th is the final day for congress. they can work through the holidays to try to get this deal done. we're looking at $600 billion according to the cbo and if you really want to look at all of 2013, you are looking at $800 billion to $900 billion. it is hard to imagine they could come to terms with everything that needs to be taken care of in just a few weeks from now.
for the president or could a fiscal cliff deal on top of re-election get him any political capital to flex some political muscle? >> well, i hope it was the latter. i was at the white house when the republicans took down clinton's nominee. i watched as they took down senator tower who was to become the republican secretary of defense. both parties do this unfortunately after an election. the losing party almost seeming to want some sort of sacrificial lam out there. i hope this, that what this nation most wants is to have trust once again in washington, d.c. it's a part of the program down in washington that doesn't seem to be there. while i have great respect for senator mccain who threatened to filly buster this. i couldn't have done what he did as a prisoner of war. as a fellow naval officer. i would ask him accountability for the overall public good not the party. i hope that unless he can show with firmness that there is a fact, there is some sort of issue out there that really isn't a political assertion, a partisan issue, that he is an american before he is a partisan. let's move on. ame
. arthel: coming up, dealing with the looming fiscal cliff, the pressure big labor is putting on the president and democrats. will their call for no cuts to social spending kill any deal? a special look and a live report. the bombshell evidence against casey anthony never presented by the prosecution. her defense attorney revealing what he thinks could have landed her in prison for the murder of her daughter. that evidence and legal analysis up next. 4g lte is the fastest. so, which supeast 4g lte service would yochoose, based on this chart ? don't rush into it, i'm not looking for the fastest answer. obviously verizon. okay, i have a different chart. going that way, does that make a difference ? look at verizon. it's so much more than the other ones. so what if we just changed the format altogether ? isn't that the exact same thing ? it's pretty clear. still sticking with verizon. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined. i wish my patients could see what i see. ♪ that over time, having high cholesterol and any of these risk factors can put them at inc
on a deal on the fiscal cliff which we think they will because if they don't, then you have the potential of slipping into recession which is bad for a politician. >> susie: but if there isn't a deal how are investors going to respond? do you think they're just going to stay on the side lines and wait and see? >> well, if there is not a deal then play the movie forward. you get a sharp sell-off in equity. that forces politicians to then come back to the table and to conclude a deal. that's not the way you want to end there. you would rather end a different way. one way or another you end up with a resolution on the fiscal cliff which means the u.s. economy does not dip into recession. we continue to grow profits, grow jobs, grow income. by extension that ought to be pretty good for equity markets. >> susie: one thing that is is worrying a lot of investors right now is there's going to be an increase in capital gains and dividends taxes so they're wondering between now and the end of the year, maybe they should take profits and some of their, you know, in their portfolio. what do you say t
on a deal to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. despite optimism from both sides, they remain far apart on what to do about revenues with the white house saying the bush era tax rates should expire and republicans insisting any new revenues come from closing loopholes in the tax code. kristen welker joining us from the white house. he said the talks said to be stalled. what is the white house saying? >> reporter: they certainly know this is going to be a tough slog. certainly you had this sort of sense of bipartisanship after the leaders came to the white house. it seems as though that has gone awe with democrats digging in their heels on the issue of entit entitle. s and republicans on taxes. congress talking about some types of compromises, one that would include rolling back tax breaks for big corporations and wealthy americans as you just talked about. another one would potentially roll back the bush era tax cuts but instead of allowing rates to go back up to the clinton levels of 39%, maybe they would go back to 37%. these are just some ideas being talked about. you're absolutely r
to strike a deal on the fiscal cliff and it's going to mean the left is not happy, and you guys have called him a socialist and all of this stuff, i'm telling you much more of a centrist than you think? >> obama? i think he's-- >> no, you're just so wrong about that. >> he's as far left, and he-- >> you talk about it. >> and he's worse than carter, i think he's fuelly fairly pragmatic and probably will be more so at least while this fiscal crisis is. >> the biggest adjustment the democrats will make is running against george bush, the exit polls they were blaming gb, and i can't believe he might troo try to do it again and mentioned it in the press conference. and sooner or later, they'll have to say judge us on the last eight years with obama. they don't care. >> they care. >> and he feels like he has a man tate and can do what he wants and it's all about revenge, and warm and fuzzy campaign? >> he won, you lost and-- >> i don't know, i still feel like a winner because i know what we do to fix this economy and his ideas don't work. >> and negotiate a pragmatic deal on the fiscal cliff put
. these kinds of proposals might get more traction if they make a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff and to get the government's finances in order for at least some short period of time. then you would see more movement on things like this. and i think there is interest in dealing with these questions on a bigger scale right now. but right now there is this immediate problem congress has to deal with. host: tom shoop, editor in chief of government executive magazine. guest: my pleasure, thank you. host: coming up next return to the u.s. postal service under the holiday special -- spending season. they lost $12 billion in 2012 and there are efforts to try to reform the system during the lame-duck session. we will talk about that. and later -- it is black friday, the traditional shopping day after thanksgiving and cnn reporting black friday sales could exceed $21 billion, from $19.3 billion in 2011. we will be right back. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> with soldiers placed on sentry duty in the roads in and out o
of this fiscal cliff that if my opinion, at least, is starting to hurt spending. >> it is hard to believe because why like toship but a lot of people go because it is a celebration thing, a lot of them are tag about it is like a party like lining up to see the ball drop on new year's so it is not just deal seeking. >>guest: it is becoming a huge event. you have to credit the retailers and the media for building it up because it is a big part of our economy and a quarter of the sales will be taking place here for the year take place in the next couple of weeks, but the fiscal cliff is out there. the fiscal cliff for the consumer is the worst thing that has happened since paris hilton released her debut music album, and there is not a lot of hope for congress to resolve anything. >> but consumer confidence is at a file year high so it must translate into opening of the wallets? >>guest: that is a fair point but if you look at the most recent consumer sentiment survey, you talk about future expectations, they are lower when than the last few months, and the lower expectations are because of the fisc
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the debt that threatens our children's future. >> if a deal is not reached on the fiscal cliff tax cuts will expire on january 1st. back to black friday. unfortunately fights already breaking out. this was the scene in indianapolis a few hours ago. police were called in to break up fights. shoppers waited in line to receive vouchers for plasma tvs and learned that some of the people were selling vouchers for profit. and right now, we are going to go with waga who is live with more. good morning and tell us what is happening there and what the scene is like? >> well, no fights here, i can tell you that. a lot of folks having a good time and spending money. we are in the mall ofia and which is the largest mall in the state of georgia and largest mall in the southeast. it opened up at midnight. and few years ago we used to come up here and cover the place and then it moved to four o'clock a.m. and now midnight. they are trying to compete with the big boxes that are opening up earlier and thingings are crowded now, it is it nothing compared to what it was like in midnight they are brought o
all, he's trying to reach a bipartisan deal to avoid the fiscal cliff? >> right. look, i would be surprised if the president put her forward given everything that we've seen. there were one or two scenarios, right? either she was, this was a tryout for her and she failed, or it was the case that they sent her out on purpose as the president suggested when he said they sent out susan rice who, quote, had nothing to do with benghazi. gregg: right. >> they sent her out on purpose to basically do little other than to mouth administration talking points. in either case, she comes out of those five appearances looking like she doesn't know what she was talking about in the best case scenario, or she was being dishonest in the worst case scenario. gregg: but, steve, look, here's the deal, do republicans really want this fight over secretary of state? time magazine made the following point, we'll put it up on the screen: gregg: the optics favor the white house. >> look, who cares about the optics? if she went out and told a story which wasn't true, which everybody now can see, you have
the election about the fiscal cliff. what is at stake here for both sides? what happens if they don't get a deal? >> well, look. i think what happens to both sides, it's not even what happens to both sides, what happens to us which is the collective, right? it's what happens to the country which is 4% of gdp disappears overnight. and that's what this is all about. by the way, it's not just about what happens january 1st or 11:59 the day before january 1st. it's already starting to impact the economy. whether it impacts consumers -- and we'll find out today, by the way, in terms of thanksgiving and what's that meant, whether consumers are coming out or not -- but thoorz the bigger issue that manufacturing has already started to slow down. people are starting to worry. it may end up in the economic numbers already, just the fact that we're having this debate. and then come january 1st, do we go over? what does that mean? is it the fiscal cliff? or does it look like the fiscal bungee cord? that's what some people are calling it. we go over for two weeks and then we snap back and get a deal a
a deal on the fiscal cliff, greece gets its money, where is the market aversion coming from? >> happy days. >> we know growth will be useful, but apart from that. >> there's a few risks on the horizons. if the market gets a hint or a sniff that that will end, it will change. central bank policy will change. sooner maybe what we expect right now. we haven't seen it in the u.s. at all, but in europe, very worried about inflation. pledge to very low rates in the long term. and in the uk, a growing number of people. qe isn't necessarily working. that could potentially take hold. >> what's the impact of qe not working? >> rising guilt yields essentially. >> they think there will be record lows next year for the safe haven. >> they've said that for quite a long time and they've been right. in terms of looking at the risks for 2013, the ones keeping volatility low, there has to be something that they're doing which could potentially cause it spike which could weigh on yields. >> all right. thanks for that. let's get to the global market report in singapore. >> thank you, ross. asian markets
-term for the cycle to play out past the fiscal cliff. the fiscal cliff is the huge issue but we think the sun will rise in 2013 no matter what happens and even though a deal looks like it is on the rise in and you can never tell what is going on in washington. cheryl: i do it every day. i still can't tell you. thank you for coming in on black friday. a crystal ball with washington. [talking over each other] cheryl: closing bell is going to be ringing in 17 minutes. seres hasn't had any time getting customers into stores. sales of and down several quarters in a row. thing they're different this holiday season. perhaps a little christmas cheer. coming up the holiday game plan. before copd... i took my son fishing every year. we had a eat spot, not easy to find, but worth it. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes. symbicort doe't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. with symbicort, today i'm breathing better. and that on! sbi
cliff, but our lawmakers near striking a deal. president obama meeting with congressional leaders this past week, we'll take a look at where the negotiations are and where they might be going. heather: and the american cancer society recommended annual mammograms for most women, so why does a new study say that's not necessarily a good idea? rick: also a holiday miracle. one family receives the gift of life after getting some devastating news. we'll tell you about it. >> baby did it again, and as quickly as we could possibly, you know -- i almost thought i was throwing the baby at the nurses, like quick! and the team just responded immediately. [ male announcer ] with over 50 delicious choices of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant rick: new developments in the fight to keep the u.s. postal service afloat. the cash-strapped agency noun -- announcing a plan that it hopes will help its bottom line. its package business has been growing in volume, and now the post office is testing same-day package deli
cliff. would republicans sign a deal like that? charles gas practicery know say -- gas perino said there are a couple ways to explain next bu. [ thinking ] woer what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relf ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. >> welcome back. while still feeling a little stuffed after thanksgiving yesterday, the bloat is about to get worse. >> that's right. after the main course of the election, the leftover gridlock happening right now in washington could cause a collective fiscal stomach ache by the end of the year. >> here to explain is charlie gasparino. good to have you here. >> good morning. >> congratulations on your italian feast, yesterday. >> he's a great cook. >> so we're heading towards this fiscal cliff. we keep on hearing about it. there are three scenarios that you're concerned about. >> right. we should point out. automatic tax increases, massive budget cuts. but they don't reach a budget. >> you have three different scaries where if they come to an agreement, we could still come to the cliff.
of whether a deal is made or not made on the fiscal cliff. >> let's unpack this, as they say. so first you believe that a deal gets made when? >> december. >> december, so we will not go into january without a deal of some sort. >> if we do, everybody in congress is out of a job so i think that a deal gets made for sure. >> that's much more optimistic. >> christmas will come then? >> christmas comes. >> but the other thing he's saying is something bernanke said last week no matter what happens, if they resolve the fiscal cliff, federal spending will be a drag on growth no matter what happens. >> you can look at, i mean i look at charts of the s&p versus treasury bonds and treasury notes and the effect of qe3 and the velocity of money slowing down. because the government will spend less next year the consumer will feel it by the second half of next year for sure. >> is the market therefore fairly priced, underpriced, overpriced, given this prediction? >> the market is a big statement. >> let's go stock market then first. >> the stock market has two different things going on, one, you've got
the looming "fiscal cliff" and a positive start this morning. let's look at the numbers. right now the dow is gaining 58 points. nasdaq is up by 16. s&p moving higher by 6 points. and walmart shares are moving just slightly higher. michelle and brian, back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and >>> following in the footsteps of online retailers the cash- strapped u.s. postal service will be testing out same-day delivery this holiday season. same day. it will happen here in the bay area. the u.s. ps will partner with retailers and begin offering the service in san francisco this december. if things run smoothly it will en spanned to new york, chicago -- it will expand to other cities like new york, chicago and boston next year. >>> it's 6:49. let's check the weather. >> if they run smoothly. >> yeah. >> but they have to do something. the postal service is losing lots of money around the nation. wow. all right. shall we talk some weather? >> why not. [ laughter ] >>> around the bay area today, we are look at some sunshine coming our way. couple of patches of grou
. there will be a deal of putting off of the fiscal cliff. maybe not a full resolution of one but putting off. next week we get bad headlines. stock market goes down. people pull back in savings or spending and a package is announced that pushes us off the fiscal cliff and we rally. make sense? >> makes perfect sense and reasonable outcome. i would like to remind people and i can't believe people forget this. in the context of the debt ceiling debate, everybody at the time said there will be a deal. kick the can down the road. they did. we did not reach the cliff. the stock market still managed to fall 18% top to bottom and the debt downgrade happened at the bottom. even if you said who cares about the debt ceiling, they'll figure it out. you lost nominally speaking the value of rallies. even if they get a deal that comes late, investors may have begun to mark down risk assets. >> i had a conversation/fight with a client the other day. he was asking -- i'm one of the few people saying that we'll breach this debate and go into the new year without a resolution without a deal. he said what probability do
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)